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    September 17-29

Celtic Adventure!
Scotland-Isle of Man
September 17-29, 2012

A unique itinerary connecting
the Monterey Bay Region
and two Celtic Nations

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      Planning Stages  
    September 2013

Silk Road!
Shanghai to Kashgar

Unique, once-in-lifetime
adventure Exploring the land
where China meets the west!

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We Explore The Secrets of Other Cultures Too!

Sandy Lydon will continue leading a variety of international and regional tours. From local day hikes, regional week-end trips to trips beyond the United States, Sandy will continue to bring his sense of wonder and excitement to those who accompany him. There's no such thing as a "regular" experience when he's in charge. Every trip is a true adventure.

We have been taking groups overseas beginning with a trip to Japan and Southeast Asia in 1974. For over 35 years we have been sharing the wonders of Asia, Hawaii and Western Europe with over a thousand satisfied and happy adventurers. Our adventures are not for the casual traveler. We require a certain amount of pre-trip preparation, and we believe that the benefits of group travel far outweigh the disadvantages.